After his victory in Indiana, a columnist lined up all of the coaches in the different sports who have endorsed Trump. The first was Mike Ditka, former coach of the Chicago Bears football team and player with the Dallas Cowboys. The next group came a bit later- Gene Keady, former basketball coach of Purdue, Digger Phelps, basketball coach from Notre Dame, Bobby Knight former coach of Indiana University and Lou Holtz former football coach at Notre Dame.

These esteemed coaches have a number of things in common. They are old. They are not coaching anymore. They are from a bygone era when coaching was a mite different than it is today. In those times, there was no questioning the coach. They were the absolute masters of their programs. They were supported by the alumni groups who loved to see those victories. If they believe that you can run a country with 319 million people the same way you can handle 15 or 50 players who are 18-21 year olds, or a group of 21-35 year olds, then you must start taking medication.

Running the United States of American, the most powerful country in the world, is not the same as drafting someone for the NFL or the NBA. If that is what the current nominees think is analogous to running the U.S., I will repair to my lair in the Andes Mountains.

I guess having lived through the Cuban Missile Crisis of 1962, I am a bit jaded. There is a button that a president can push to begin the annihilation of the entire planet. Is that in any way similar to choosing who is going to start at quarterback or who is going to be the small forward on a basketball team? Is that what we have come down to? Is this the ultimate reality program where the consequences are not just people falling off big plastic pillows into the water, but the lack of awareness of what a president can do?

Give me a break coaches. Get off your couches coaches and see the real reality (oxymoron I know) and stop equating a game to the welfare of us in both the United States and the world.



  1. You said it. It reminds me of when people who planned to vote for W Bush were interviewed and someone idiot said,”I’m voting for Bush because he seems like a guy I could sit down and have a beer with.”

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