I am not really a golfer. If I play, my handicap is north of 35. That’s all anyone has ever allowed me to have. I believe that I should have a 50 handicap. All of this is extraneous. I have lived here in adult Disneyworld (land) for eight months. There are three courses on site and I have not played one hole yet. There is something wrong with that.

I have delved deeply into why I have not played once since I have lived here. My conclusions are; the other things have been more important than golf. Yes, our lack of sale of our home in Harrisburg was a burden, both financially and psychologically, however there are still other reasons. The major culprit has been our connection with the students at the Jasper County Schools and our attempt to find ways to help both them and the other needy rural schools in South Carolina.

We have been fortunate to connect with the South Carolina Department of Education and their main people. They seem to be happy with us doing anything that will help the rural schools. Our meeting with the students, coaches, staff members, and community people has taken a bunch of time. It has also been very satisfying. For whatever reason, the folks seem to see us in a different light than other volunteers. Looking back at our careers, we certainly have had different experiences that help us to recognize what schools like these might need.

Yes, the color of the skin is a difference. However, the ruralness is still the same; poverty, lack of jobs, low paying jobs, lack of nuclear families, lack of going on to college, lack of finishing college. Some of the colleges here in South Carolina have a completion rate of 33% in six years. That is intolerable and way too expensive for the average rural kid who is the first to go to school.

Are there students whose parents have a college degree? Yes there are. They are just as proud of their children as any parents are anywhere. These students have the advantage of parents knowing how to do all of the stuff related onto college going.

To kind of stimulate some of the young people to go onto to get a degree, Carol and I are offering a scholarship. It isn’t a great deal of dough, but it will buy a couple of years’ worth of books or necessaries. It’s the least that we can do. We are looking for some wealthy folks in the state to meet with and get some real dough for scholarships.

Now you see what has taken most of our time. We have also gone back up north a few times and will go again soon for the holidays. So, I still haven’t played golf, but I know I will soon.







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