Yes, I do mean you. If you are over a certain age, you must have children and some grandchildren. Some of you, I know this for a fact, have great-grandchildren. So what’s the game? Even if you have no children or grandchildren and have some feelings for the generations to come, this still applies to you. You have been hearing so many loud words in the past year or so about how our country should be. It is all a political kabuki theater.

No person on this green earth can accurately predict what is even going to happen next year. If you have been made to be afraid, and you have believed what comes out of the mouths of political grandstanders, cut the crap. You have evidently lived through lots of these kinds of threats before. Vote for so and so. He will keep us out of war (how many times have you heard that). He will create millions of jobs and grow our economy. He will keep us safe. He will bring back civility and transform our education system so that it will be the wonder of the world. He will save social security and we will increase the middle class.

If you just put some money in your 401k account it will grow much faster than the pitiful pension that you are getting from the . . .All of these investments are insured by the FDIC or is there still a FSLIC? Then hear some say that we should eliminate half of our federal government, or abrogate laws that are presently on the books. We will cut our imports and be the exporter to the world as we once were. Let us be as powerful as we once were.

If all of these things seem familiar to you, and you have heard them before, time and again, take the time to look at the evidence on you own. As people with a passel of experience, you can separate the wheat from the chaff. Think about how your children will fare in a world where only certain people have the right answers. Sit back for a moment and think of your children and grandchildren and how they will fare in a world where only some people have the right answers to things. Then go back a year or two and see how the stiff necked predictors have fared. Didn’t one of the loudmouths, who predicts the stock market have to apologize for making a grand mistake? I still think he is selling his wares on pt. and in books. As grandma used to say to some of her annoying acquaintances, “ Gey in drerd areign” (literally, go into the earth, or drop dead).


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