Yes, I know what word should go in there. Right now, I am not referring to the almighty; I am trying to find someone on the national stage to trust. I am not just talking about politicians or faux politicians; I am talking about a well-known person. Are there any people out there who can say, “I really trust so and so? He/she has been straight with us for many years.” Who would those people be?

This is not just an older person talking about “in my day we had. . .” If you continue to think that way, the rubber truck will be by on Friday afternoon to take you to the cookie factory. This is a broad question about the state of our country right now. If you have been watching the news, or reading the news, or internetting the news, have you found someone that seems to be a straight arrow? Are we now left with late night comedic hosts, serious looking news purveyors, bloggers with an axe to grind, or political pundits? When you get down to it, do you trust anyone on the public stage?



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