We finally sold our home in Harrisburg, PA. It was not easy and we took a financial bath (whatever that means). Even at the last moment, the purchasers complained of a sound from our water heater. We settled it with at $151.55 cent sharing of the cost of a home warranty. The finality of it all was like letting air out of a balloon very slowly. There were days when I wondered if I could survive the constant pressure.

I guess it was not just the monetary problems, but a sense that nothing would ever be final. The answer now is that it is final. I believe that I am just now getting over the sense that this new place is just temporary. It is not temporary. It is final, and this will be our home for the foreseeable future.

We are now helping some new people accommodate themselves to the new place. They are next door neighbors whose last name is very similar to ours. I can see us becoming friendly.

It may now be possible for me to reach out and make some new friends. I have not joined anything at all. I was thinking of establishing a club for those who don’t want to join any club. There will be no meetings, emails, or dues. I have a feeling that the membership will grow like crazy.

Our endeavors in the local rural high school seem to be working well. We will be taking about 20 young people on a trip to a local college. It is gratifying that we are getting support from many of the staff at the school and school district. Carol is writing positive articles that are appearing in the local papers. That was a difficult thing, but you know Carol. She will dog you until she gets things accomplished.



4 thoughts on “I AM FINALLY HOME

  1. I think transitions are difficult and when you have a foot in Harrisburg and a foot in Bluffton…it’s natural to feel uncertain. I see it as a good thing that you’re calling your new place – home, because that’s what it is now. Now you need to fully embrace your new home and get busy doing what you do best- advocating for equality!! Working with those young people is a good start…how about starting a karaoke club and sharing your love of singing?? ❀️

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