I know that the South Carolina primary is coming up soon. The R’s vote On February 20th and the D’s February 27. Carol and I are registered to different political parties. She is a Democratic Socialist and I am a Compassionate Conservative. We do have our political differences in some minor ways. She is not a real feminist and I am a non-fiscal conservative. I can prove all of the above. She has never considered her gender to be a factor in anything she has ever done. I once gave back taxes to the folks in the school district in which I was superintendent.
Those are kind of gross categorizations. We do agree on most things. In this election cycle, we are not impressed with any of the candidates. The sad thing is that we really have not found anyone in the public eye that we would really support. I am looking for someone like Teddy Roosevelt and she is looking for someone like Franklin D. Roosevelt. The interesting thing about those choices is that they both grew up in the wealthy part of our society and did the most for the large majority of our population. They did it in different ways, but they were outstanding in their accomplishments.
Somehow, the current crop of candidates is either destroyers or pie in the sky dreamers. This collection of humanity does not represent anything that I might ever support. We both are for big ideas. However, like all of the panaceas in education, large scale panaceas most often do not work and often cost a bunch of dough. We try and listen to the words and review accomplishments. The words are sometimes lofty, sometimes mean (politics in South Carolina, some say, is a blood sport) and most times disingenuous. The candidate’s view of the needs of many people goes unspoken. We hear lots about the billionaires who are plunging billions into the various campaigns to get their way. Yet, the candidates continually say that the money will not affect them. You know that’s a load of caca dell toro.
What do regular people really want? How about security, so that they can feel o.k. about going to the movies in a mall. I am not really sure that most people worry about that when they go to the movies, but that’s what they say. Depending on one’s age, they want security (not a word used by young people) or prospects for a good life and a good job or career. They do not need large government, but they cannot tell you what to cut. Most seem to like parts of their benefits from Uncle Sam. I know there are cheats. I have seen them close up. However, those who stand in line behind people who buy chips, soda, dips and other snacks need to learn how to shop. Be sure, with that kind of diet, they will not lead a full life. There are statistics about that.
They also want their actual rights. I am told that your rights end at the tip of my nose. I believe in that. The folks want our candidates for public office to stop telling them what to do and not do. That’s pretty universal. That’s what my impression is. Wages need to rise, otherwise consumers can’t buy stuff. That’s pretty simple capitalism. Take a look at who we owe the national debt to. You will be surprised. Let’s get off our duffs and use our uncommon sense. In the current crop of candidates, common sense is pretty paltry. Let’s have the uncommon sense to work along with others to get things done.



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