I am sometimes befuddled when someone says to me, “How do you know that?” If the person is somewhat younger than my 77 years, I say, “Because I was alive and sentient when that happened.” I graduated from high school the year the Brooklyn Dodgers won their only world series. I was teaching and going for my Master’s Degree when the Cuban Missile Crisis happened. I actually remember Jonas Salk and the polio vaccine. I can remember Dwight David Eisenhower, not only as a president, but as the general in the army, or General of the Armies. I can remember Pinky Lee, Captain Video, Tom Corbett, space cadet ( not the governor), Time for Beany, Kukla, Fran and Ollie, Edward R. Murrow, Joe McCarthy (my eighth grade teacher was taken away by the FBI while I was in her class), JFK, MLK, RFK,LBJ, Richard Nixon, Eugene McCarthy, Ronald Reagan and oh, so many others.
The advantage of being old and listening and watching the lies that come across the screen, on social media and the internet, and on the radio, is that I am a pretty good b.s. detector. Some of the good old fashion lies, neither misspoken, nor taken out of context statements; present themselves to me as complete fabrications based on absolutely incredulous falsehoods.
The frustrating thing is that one cannot feel comfortable telling these folks that they are lying through their teeth, without fact checking. So, after looking at a bald faced lie and saying to myself, “Do you really believe that crap?” I have to go to Snopes.com to prove it to myself and to others. The more outrageous the lie, the more people seem to want to believe it.
I have had personal experience as a lobbyist been confounded by a legislator telling me a complete untruth. I am not saying that he/she made it up. Sometimes they honestly believe it. Since I lobbied on behalf of poor and rural schools, I heard the most far-fetched untruths from even legislators who represented those districts and were actually voting against their interests.
Telling the truth is really out of fashion. It was once the coin of the realm. There were those that were noted for being straightforward and truthful. That is certainly not the case now. Thousands of people gaze into the eyes of the greatest charlatans and say that they like the person, even if they know that he/she are lying through their teeth.
How then is one supposed to comport oneself in this age of untruth? I leave that to you to choose.



  1. It’s so disappointing…the bald face lying that is taking place in the presidential election…ugh! And you are right- people believe the most outrageous ones which then are perpetuated by FOX news!

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