I have never really been a beer drinker. When I was in the service I learned to drink Gin and Tonics, at one mark a piece (25 cents then) and have never stopped. I actually have Tanqueray 10 and tonic in my freezer and refrigerator. I drink maybe two a month. That’s about the extent of my imbibing.
However, the other day, I was in Kroger’s Supermarket for our twice monthly trip to stock up on victuals. These supermarkets down here have all sorts of beers and wines in profusion. Although Pennsylvania is getting there, it still does not compare to South Carolina. They even have a person to take care of the wines and beers. He was very knowledgeable about both because he had been in the wine business for 39 years before he moved down south.
He directed me to a pretty good wine for some guests that we were having. On the oftchance that he might know, I asked him if there were any gluten free beers there. Would you believe that there were two? He also told me that one was superior to the other. For my first beer in South Carolina I was treated to an O-mission beer. It has kind of a Guinness look to it and the kind of bitter aftertaste that Guinness sometimes gives a person. I have 5 more bottles of the stuff, which should last me till August when the weather here is really hot.
Four years ago when my G.I. doctors (of which there were four) told me to go gluten free, I have been on a journey to find gluten free goods. I believe my wife has suffered more through this trip than I have. She has found gluten free spaghetti, cookies, breads, rolls, bagels (not so good), pizza (also not so good), gelato, ice cream, cold cereal, and many others.
We are always on the lookout for something new to ingest. Luckily, the market is growing. There is also a good deal of faddism going on. There are very few true celiac intolerant people in the population. Those are the people who might eat a gluten food and suffer severe consequences. It is a terrible allergy. For many others, with undiagnosed stomach problems, going gluten free enables you to avoid foods that really might just unsettle a stomach Then there are the people who have heard about gluten and are convinced that their corns, bad skin, belly bloat, and other imperfections are a direct result of eating white bread or malted milk shakes. I say, let them believe it and force down the prices of all the gluten free foods. Don’t you feel a need to go gluten free?

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