VW is the superintendent of schools in one of the Corridor of Shame school districts in South Carolina. Her tenure will end on December 31, 2015. She will remain as a consultant to the school district till December 31, 2017. She could no longer suffer the slings and arrows of a school board that was continually working to do her in. That had begun in September of 2015, when four new board members were elected with the expressed campaign promise to get rid of her.
VW is a strong woman. She had done her absolute best, and that was phenomenal, over the past 5.5 years to raise the horizon for her 3000 student school district. She was a top flight leader and advocate for her community and the schools. What she wasn’t was a bowed head to the political leaders in her county school district. They did everything they could, including slander (a case she eventually won)her. They called down the wrath of every governmental organization to find things that they claimed that she had done illegally. She was not found guilty of any of them.
She continued to produce programs for the kids, raise their graduation rates, get rid of ghost employees, and eliminate all non-certified professionals and hosts of other things. The district was coming out of the dark ages with a full bore ahead. Prior to her arrival there had been four superintendents and interim superintendents in five years. She brought stability and a positive calm to the district.
The political members of the community, elected and non-elected believed things about her that the grave diggers presented to them and to the local press. None of what they said was true. She weathered all of those storms and continued to work for the children. Even when her husband passed away in June she worked to do what she had done up to that point. She worked for the children and the community.
After her resignation, scores of community members rose up to speak on her behalf. They did so, knowing that they were too late to save her. The school board listened and did nothing to answer any of the questions or accusations.
An alumni group was developed to see what they could do politically. That will probably be the way to tear down the harm that is being done to the district. There are many other scenarios that could occur in the future. However, this is a terrible blow to one of the school districts in the Corridor of Shame, which extends from the border of South Carolina with North Carolina and ends at the border Georgia on Route 95.


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