(every so often, I turn over my blog to my sometimes friend/acquaintance, Ronald T. Bogus. Ronald is now a Congressman representing a large portion of the state of Anxiety in the western part of our country. He has been in office for about sixteen years and before that was a state representative in Anxiety. He is now a senior member of the Tea Party wing of the Republican Party. This blog takes no responsibility for
anything that Ronald says. From my perspective, that’s a very good thing.)

Sometimes, Hillman raises his standards and allows a real scribe to enter his demented world and tell everyone what is really happening in the world. These next few paragraphs will fill you in with the real story about the current situation in our country. Needless to say the liberal media, that also means the movies and the Saturday morning cartoons simply do not tell the truth about the terrible conditions here in the United States.
As some of you may know from former times, I met Hillman back in Anxiety through my college roommate Paul Hambke. At that time Hambke was publishing horrific lies about me and my political career. I was able to overcome these charges, by putting out my own story in the local news. Even after my accusations of using campaign funds for sending my children to a summer camp, I was still able to be re-elected a number of times.
I was tired of hearing Hillman’s voice through Hambke and decided to disregard everything that they were saying. I am somewhat surprised that I am currently permitted to write my opinions (facts) in this space. I am hoping that folks don’t think that there is any compromise involved. I have no desire to compromise about anything related to my job as a congressman.
I am delighted with the spread of candidates that my party is putting up. Each one is better than the other. I don’t see this as a competition. I see it as a laundering of many ideas to come out with the correct ideas on almost any subject. Let’s take the problem with immigration. We are told that there are millions of illegal immigrants in this country. I, for one, have not seen them in Anxiety. I sometimes wonder if this is a ploy by our opponents in the Democratic Party to scare us into thinking that we have a big problem.
If there is such a problem, why have I not heard of it in my congressional district? I have had no complaints about any illegal aliens in our area. Our placid district certainly has needs that must be filled with American workers.
I am not prejudiced against any ethnic or religious group. The workers, in our district, may be Mexican or other groups, but they all are Americans and are certainly all citizens. I have been assured by the local Chamber of Commerce, that the people doing the lawns and shrubs in our towns are home grown Americans who just happen to be Mexican. So, if there are no complaints, where are all these illegals?
My view on what is happening with Muslims in our country is also moderate. I have never met anyone of that persuasion. Although, I am told that there are Muslims in congress, but certainly not from my party. The terrible things that have been happening in our country and other countries with this Ices thing is deplorable. Many of my colleagues are in favor of bombing all of those countries in the Middle East. I am not in favor of that. I would rather we save our hard earned tax dollars and build a wall around those countries and not allow anyone out. I have spoken with our current leading presidential nominee and he is sure, that if he becomes president, he will be able to convince those people to fund the wall themselves.
I have many ideas about how to deal with unemployment, the economy, crime, campaign finance and many others. My solutions, you will see, are common sensed based and will not add to our national debt or budget deficit. Pay particular attention, when you go on my website, It’ to my solution to the Kudzu infestation in our country, or the lack of etiquette in fast food restaurants. Please call my office at 222-222-2222 with your own suggestions. My staff will be happy to speak with you.
I have been thrilled with the debates. I am not a debate fan, as Hillman may have told you; I believe that good debaters are often the least of the candidates. I can show that it is true during many of my congressional campaigns. I have had no trouble being elected without having to debate anyone. If you don’t know where I stand on an issue, just ask me (or my staff members).
Once again, I encourage you to help fund my campaigns by going onto my site It’ and contribute what you can by credit card. If you want to send me a contribution, please send it to:
Congressman Ronald T. Bogus, Esq.
25 Reactionary Street
Frabning, Anxiety, 12345-6789
You will get an 8×10 autographed picture of me for each contribution over $100. Thanks for your time and attention.

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