I am all of you.You needed me and I was created.
When you were new and growing, you saw in me a way to keep you free. I was born to serve democracy in its times of triumph and its times of despair.
When all others refused a task, you asked for my help. I never refused. I worked with the refugees and the outcasts of the world to make them knowing and free.
I am midwife to genius and the ne’er do well. When the first stone is cast, I stand between you and the real targets.
I am sometimes demanding and always enlightening. I was wrong for some and right for many. I am America at its zenith and in its turmoil. I am president and prisoner. billionaire and pauper. I am buildings and I am people. I am democracy, but never a dictatorship.
I am public education. I am good and I work.

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