Holy Moly Captain Marvel, the 1960’s are making a comeback. It could really be a cameo, but it feels so familiar. The clarion call of the young for more freedom on campus and some really dumb moves by the campus administrators. Then we have the braying of the Agnewites saying that the administrators are “wimps” and the protestors at the University of Missouri are children playing some sort of game. They should be restricted in their right to protest.

Yup, we have heard it all before. The fear that these folks have is that this will spread to every liberal campus in the United States. Violence will surely follow and our country will go down the tubes. It will all end with a Kent State happening.

The University of Missouri is not a bastion of liberal thought. They are not part of the East Coast Elite Establishment universities. Freedom of speech has a really sharp edge. Reactionaries in our country decry, with angry fervor, that their speech is being restricted by a government that hates them and uses its tentacles to subvert their causes.

Bias in the news world, according to some, ramps up these “kids” to affect even more of their unreasonable demands. What should occur is that these provocateurs should either be horsewhipped or sent to some gulag away from society. After all, these hoodlums have gotten into these schools by nefarious means. They don’t really belong there. What they need to do is stop clogging up the student body and go out and get a real job. That will show them what life it really like.

Many of these ne’er do wells are sucking of the federal mammary, their own state’s largesse, or their parents hard earned income. They should either get out of a place that they hate or stick their noses in books and don’t take them out till they graduate. Many of them will come to a bad end.

It is so easy to write this stuff. All I have to do is click back to my memories of the 1960’s, the Democratic Convention of 1968 in Chicago, and the newsreels in my mind. I have no idea what the protests were about in Missouri or Yale or any other university across the United States. The one thing that I would protest is the cost of college. Kids are now coming out of school with unmanageable debt. One of our scholars will owe 100,000 by the end of this next semester. Actually, that’s not the largest figure I have heard. How are they really going to pay off these loans? Let’s all protest that.






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