It’s all over the place now. It is in your eyes and in your ears. It is shouted from the rooftops and painted on tenement walls and abandoned factories. The words are clear and unambiguous. WE HATE YOU AND WE WANT YOU TO DIE OR GO BACK TO WHERE YOU CAME FROM. That’s what all the discourse is really about. Stay at home ladies. Don’t come here Syrians, Mexicans, Hondurans, Haitians, Cubans, Asians and anyone else who doesn’t look like me (by the way, what do we look like).

This might be o.k. for the xenophobic countries in the world, which have no Statue of Liberty or Ellis Island to look to. We are not like them. We have been built by immigrants from the beginning of our country. Other than Native Americans who may have come here 30,000 years ago across the Bering Straits, we are all descended from or are IMMIGRANTS. We have flooded our country with people who did not speak the King’s English (other than the English).

The counter to this argument is that these low wage people come and take the jobs of “true” Americans. They do all sorts of physical labor. They fill the hiring halls in our country, which thrills many corporations and also gambling casinos (yes, it’s a hint). These are the people who are at the lowest level of the economic ladder. There are developed countries in this world who invite guest workers, because their own people do not want those jobs. Sounds familiar doesn’t it.





  1. One would believe we would learn from the past! If my memory of US history serves me correctly, the United States went through an anti immigration era with the Zoot Suit riots and their xenophobic actions against immigrants, particularly Mexicans, with horrible results. Why do we emphasize our differences albeit racial, religious or physical? We continually repeat such disgusting behaviors. What sort of legacy are we leaving for our children and grandchildren?

  2. The difference is when our parents/grandparents arrived on North American shores, they had to work. No free housing, free food, free medical etc. The people arriving today want it all and want it now and our liberal governments are only too happy to give it to them. Naturally at our tax payer expense.

    • “They” and “all” are just too broad and all inclusive – not the case. It is not “all” people arriving today wanting it “all” and not wants to work. There are people immigrating that want to work. Otherwise, if immigrants do not want to work than the accusation that those who are immigrating to the US are taking away jobs from “American citizens” is false – in the absolute it can’t go both ways.

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