I have been blogging for six years this month. I have enjoyed most of those six years on the web. There were a few times that I got angry and probably said some dumb things. In one instance, one of my nieces flayed me for saying some unkind things about a family member. The family member thought it was funny, but my niece did not. I was also castigated a few times by friends who thought that I had made an idiotic political statement. After much soul searching, I did agree with them. I have been corrected for grammatical mistakes by my wife, accused of incorrect references by a noted school finance expert and crushed by some people dropping by the site, who had no idea what I was saying.

All of these instances were overwhelmed by those who liked what I wrote, even though they may have not agreed with me. I have been surprised by the number of people who have looked at a particular blog. The champ is “The Romanian Prostitute,” a two blog entry into the blogosphere. It had over 120 visits. There have been some others of note, but that was the zenith(or is it apex).

The few books I have written on the blog have been met with luke warm interest. One of the big complaints was that people wanted to read ahead of the chapter that I had just written. Little did they know that I had not written anything ahead. I told those people that I would complete the book and tell them when. They could then read the entire book at their leisure.

I have not attempted to have anything go viral. I believe that I know almost all of the people on my blog list. I think they number about 150. They (or you) are a select audience. I try not to be too political. My politics are fairly moderate and I have no need to tell you whether I like Elizabeth Warren or Mitch McConnell, I will tell you that I liked Jon Stewart and still like Steve Colbert. I am not a fan of late night talk shows since Jack Paar left the airwaves in 1962 or so.

I may have a different slant on things down here in South Carolina. I have some more time to think about stuff and more time to go to doctors. With all the talk about Southerners being more laid back, I thought that I would find that here. I do not. I am not talking about the residents of the community in which I live. I am talking about the folks who live in the towns around here. They seem to operate at the same speed as the folks did in Harrisburg. All you have to do is substitute the word(s) Y’all for You’uns and you would feel right at home.

There is one thing though, that I have noticed. Speed and tailgaiting and no signaling are part of the rules of the road. I will have to put on my N.Y.C. offensive drivers hat more often down here, while tooling on route 278 and 170.

All in all this is a nice place to continue by attempt at Jean Jacques Crawb’s musings. From here I salute the King of Crawb, the Knight Frabning the First, the brilliant raconteur, Dr. Hanoch McCarty.



  1. What a surprise to see my name and my new titles. I’ll try to wear them with appropriate dignity. I do look forward to hear from Jean Jacques! Keep on keepin’ on!

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