If you ever plan on moving, before you make those decisions, please read this blog. When we were in the thrall of moving to our new home in South Carolina, we did not conceive of all the actions necessary to change docs to down here. First things first. We had to get papers from our old doctors that allowed them to send the materials in our files to our new doctors. There are decisions to be made here. What kind of materials do you want the old doctors to send? I thought about the fact that I went to the same doctor, our primary physician, for 23 years. How much stuff do you send? What matters most in sending information to a new doctor?

If I told you that it took a bunch of time to actually choose a doctor, or a group of doctors, you might believe me. We questioned lots of people down here. We even went to various websites to see how doctors were rated and what the ratings meant. The whole ball of information was quite confusing. We never realized how many doctors we would have to acquire. Here is a list of medical people that we needed.

  1. A primary doctor or internist
  2. A cardiologist
  3. A dermatologist (for both)
  4. A special ophthalmologist for Carol and one for me
  5. An orthopedist
  6. A dentist
  7. A pulmonologist
  8. A gastro-entomologist
  9. An oncologist
  10. The answer is don’t ask. It is a normal function of age that repairs to your body must take place. We have had two experiences with new doctors, both great. It is amazing that the two docs that we saw had two really different philosophies than the equivalent doctors that we had seen in Harrisburg. It is interesting that you can go to two different doctors and come out with two different views. That is why Carol and I always go into a doctor together. We compare notes when we come out and come to our own conclusions.One of the fun things that I noticed about the outcomes of doctor visits is getting the pharmacy straightened out. The process here is different than back in Harrisburg. We cannot seem to make folks understand that we need a certain number of pills and that we want to be able to order those pills when WE want to. They have this system where they order the pills when THEY want to. It surprised them that I wanted to control my own medication. They are learning fast.
  11. I must tell you that we ran across a specialty that we had never heard of. In the office complex where my cardiologist resided there were a number of other medical offices. One of them was labeled VASECTOMY REVERSAL. What a specialty!

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