Whoa. I just read an article by that one time monologist, George Will. In his latest triumph of sardonic humor over common sense. He talks about Donald Trump as someone who will bring our country down. His reasons are that white people have to vote at a 65% rate for a Republican to have a shot at winning the presidency. His tour de farce implies that with white people becoming less that a majority in this country, we will be overrun by the barbarians of different colors.

Oh, does this sound so familiar to anyone who has knowledge of our past history. This has been going on forever. It did not start with the Revolutionary War. It has been there from the beginning. Remember when Roger Williams bolted to Rhode Island to form his own kind of Puritan religion. How about when we were inundated by Irish Catholics in the 1830’s and 40’s. One million of them destroyed out country with their worship of the non-Protestant God and their allegiance to the Pope.

How about the African Americans after the Civil War. Weren’t they going to overrun the country and take over all of the plantations and towns in the South? How about the late 1800’s and the Jews and other Eastern Europeans. Even the German Jews who came decades earlier were concerned that this “unwashed” set of people would destroy what the German Jews had created in this country and practice a barbaric kind of Judaism with a different language (Yiddish). All of this while one million Germans were allowed into the country.

We were blessed with the anti-immigration phobia in the 1920’s. Since we did not want to get involved in another war, we should not let immigrants from Europe into our land. Then came other assorted “different” people from Cuba in the 1960’s escaping from Castro and his minions. Soon we were involved in a Far Eastern war to defend people who really didn’t look. like “us.” After Vietnam, we allowed those who escaped the country to settle here including the Hmong tribesmen who were our allies in Vietnam.

We have had millions of Mexican people enter our country legally in the last part of the twentieth century. We have accepted Haitians, Ethiopians, Sudanese (remember the lost boys), Japanese, Chinese, Russian Jews, and oh, so many others. Did it destroy our country? Actually it made us stronger as we moved into the twenty first century. Now George Will is worried about our new demography. George, that’s the way it has always been. Did you know that the NFL is majority African American and that your beloved baseball is now 35% Spanish? How about the NBA? Have you been relegated to watching only hockey and even there African Americans and African Canadians are making headway?

George, go back to sleep for a while. Maybe you should look at the movie, “Sleeper,” and see how things change over a long period of time. Hooray for Yu Darvish, Yasiel Puig, Manu Ginobli, and that former rugby player who punts for one of the NFL teams



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