I have gained five pounds in the past 7 days. It’s not that I am not doing exercising or sitting on my keister, it’s because Carol and I have y been invited to a bunch of dinners and lunches by our friends. Although packing is time consuming and muscle building, a couple of meals at Giotti’s and Hong Kong Ruby put the weight right back on. Somehow, the idea of meals and goodbyes go hand in hand.

As I look at the fifty some odd boxes sitting in our garage, I am impressed that we have accumulated so much materiel over the past nine years. It is difficult to imagine how many bottles of sun tan lotion, red wine vinegar, and Worcestershire sauce one can buy and not know that there is another full bottle sitting in a cabinet somewhere. My idea is to take these things with us. Carol’s idea is to dump the liquid things and put the bottles into the recycle bin.

If it weren’t for the Salvation Army and some good friends, we would not have been able to lift all of the boxes and put them in our garage. Our next door neighbor Matt did some of the lifting and our friend Neal and his family, his wife Mary and daughters Nancy and Rachel did all of the rest. The twenty year old twins are twice as strong as me and they whisked away all of the boxes in about 20 minutes. I wish I had the video to prove what they did.

The house now stands pretty empty. All of the extraneous furniture is gone and what is left will be dropped off at my son’s house (he wanted his grandma and grandpa’s dining room furniture), while the rest will come with us to Sun City. Actually, that’s not a bunch of stuff- a bed, armoire, desk, two end tables, a coffee table, four bookcases and over 50 boxes. I am told that is really a minimum amount of things.

This next week will be kind of hectic, making sure that house is clean as a bean, and ready to show again. Did I forget to tell you that our buyer could not get a mortgage and that there is now a for sale sign in your front yard? Yes, there are bumps in the road. We have confidence in our realtor and can handle the finances for a little while. Meanwhile, we have an open house today.

Frankly, Carol and I can’t wait till Friday when the movers come and load everything onto the truck. That will be a signal that our new adventure is coming. Our three black cats are aware that something is going on. Our oldest cat is making love to our vacuum cleaner. Somehow, he thinks that if he does that, we will not be leaving. We have things set up in the van so that what happened to us when we took two cats to Myrtle Beach won’t happen again.

We forgot that we might have to get out of the van. Try keeping cats from escaping by dancing in front of car windows, while other patrons of the restaurant are watching you. Not so this time. We have purchased a set of bars that go across the middle of the van and have put harnesses on the cates. We intend to put leashes on them and try and control them while another person exits and enters the van… We will also be staying at a pet friendly motel in Sun City for two nights before settlement. Luckily for us, our friends in Sun City are there to help us.

We still have a few more meals to go this week and some that have not been scheduled. This is one weird time.


  1. Just a thought about the kitties…..when we moved to new house 3 1/2 years ago, at first Marley and Ozzie were very apprehensive when introduced to new dwelling……..for days! You could see it in how they acted. But after a week they settled right in. Only one odd thing happened……in the confusion of moving in, we lost track of Ozzie. Combed hi and lo in the house, Terry took the truck and searched outside to no avail. We found Ozzie 4 hours later hiding behind the washer where he’d been the entire time.

  2. PS- the weight thing: join Weight Watchers if problem persists! Not being funny…..only thing that ever worked for me.

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