Here we are in the midst of three or four sacks of chaos. The Salvation Army fellas just came and took away the last of our furniture that we wanted to donate. Let’s see, now we have one blue glider, a rocking chair and a wooden chair that Carol uses for sewing. The rest of the house is just plain ordinary carpet on which bunches of boxes stand.

Each box is taped closed and has a 3 by 5 card on it, telling us what’s inside and where the movers should put it when they get to our new home in South Carolina. The problem with that sort of chaos is that we probably have packed too early and don’t know where the things we need are. We have already opened some boxes to find, to our chagrin, that the entire box should not have been packed.

The second batch of chaos is the selling of our home and the purchasing of our new home. Have you ever tried to read all of the papers that you are given? We do trust our realtors, but when someone gives me 41 pages to read, initial and then sign, I get kind of jumpy. Why is it that I am sworn to secrecy about an organization whose purpose in its existence is to drive you mad and then take over the world. Who knew that you had to swear that everything that you have said is the truth so many times. Do you know that you meet with a notary, who makes you sign her visitor’s book and give your social security number?

On the buying side, what happens if a walkthrough is unsuccessful, as it was for some folks when we were down there this past week? You have an inspection and the inspector says that such things are really important to be done, while others are maintenance items. What do you do, if none of the items have been taken care of? Do you cancel the deal, wait a while and screw up your own sale and have to ask for an extension, taking a chance that your buyer will say no.

How about if your buyer cannot get funded? What do you do then? Do you ask for an extension on the settlement date in your new home?

Those are two of the three bunches of problems. I have not told you all of them. I would depress both me and you with the possibilities. I am surprised that anything ever is bought and sold. The third grouping is the state budget. I know that this has nothing to do with our move. However, it should have been finished by now. The House and the Senate would like the Governor to agree to their budget, while the Governor wants the House and Senate to agree to his.

Negotiations have been going on for weeks. Hard to me to fathom that I might leave the state and the budget will not be finished. I guess it is time for me to look over what is left to do. Do I throw out the Football Encyclopedia or pack it in a box. Is Carol going to use her new computer with a new wireless one or shall we keep the old one and take it with us? What are all of those wires sticking out behind my desk? Only time will tell when I grab all of them and pull.


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