I guess the world will be turned on its head, or is that axis, in the 2016 Presidential election. I believe that there are now 14 official candidates for the Republican nomination and four or five for the Democrats. The Vegas money is that Hillary and Jeb will be at each other in November, with a carton of Bushes and Clintons waiting in the wings some years hence. Watch carefully Chelsea, George Noelle and John.

On the Republican side, there will be some moaning and groaning because some of the candidates with less percent support will not be allowed to participate in the debates. That makes for an interesting scenario. How will candidates prepare for debates, if they don’t know if they will be in them? What if a candidate has the required percent in one debate and declines in the next ones? When will the polls be taken that determines what percentages count? How about which poll will the Republican’s use? There are so many polls these days. The final question about polls is- who decides all of these things? Will it be the Republican National Committee or Roger Ailes, the FOX mogul?

How will billionaires Koch Brothers and Sheldon Adelson choose which of the candidates to interview from now on? How will things play out over the long haul? Here it is in 2015 and the confusion mounts, as candidates try on new positions on almost anything? Will there be more of the social issues or will they recede into the background as the Supreme Court makes some liberal decisions.

As for the Democrats, Hillary has it all sown up, or does she? Very recently, veteran independent Senator Sanders has made some inroads by moving to Hillary’s left. Not sure you can go further to the left of Hillary, but Bernie is trying. So far, we have 5 candidates running for the Dems. It looks like they are all pretty much cut from the same mold. Could one of them overtake Hillary? I am not sure that they could raise the kind of money that would be needed to do that. After all, the Clinton name brings in the shekels from all kinds of places. Hmm, is Bebe Rebozo still around?



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