How hard is it to pack up in one place and move to another place? It is damned hard. I am not going to say that it was easier in times past. If you start saying things like that, the rubber truck will come on a Friday and take you away along with your thoughts of 25 cents a gallon of gasoline.

At ages 76 and almost 73, the tasks set before you are quite daunting. The first thing is not packing, but a shopping spree for your children and grandchildren. We have two children and five grandchildren. Who knows exactly what they want until they come over to the house and look at all of the things. What would you think if I told you that we were going to give away a quilt that we have had since we have been married ( 52 years), to a friend, and our son and daughter had such fond memories that they did not want us to part with it. Go figger.

How about my Avon beer stein collection. I put it on Craigslist for a really low price. How did I know that our nineteen year old grandson had always fancied the collection and really wanted it? Now we await his arrival, after having packed it carefully in boxes with tissue paper. What about that picture that my mother in law knitted, that stands in a frame above our bed. My son was worried that we might give it away or sell it. Nope, it goes to my son.

So what happens to the furniture that you really don’t want to take down to South Carolina? Who will buy it (nobody on craigslist)? Doesn’t anyone in the family want any of those things? Well, our children wanted some things, our good friend Ginny wanted some things, and we gave away some things to strangers who live in our development (how about a four drawer lateral file cabinet).

We were down to no ideas when Carol came up with the consignment store idea. I called a few and they were not interested, after sending pictures, in our stuff. It was not upscale enough. I did locate one consignment place that would take most of our stuff, but were all booked up, in terms of picking things up till the end of August. However, they did have someone who might pick up stuff for 125 bucks. At that point, I said o.k. and they came this morning and mostly emptied our loft and living room. So glad that the cats did not escape. We are left with one old couch and an entertainment center that the consignment stores say is retro and old hat. Can a  1000 inch tv set fit in there? No it cannot.

We also had to go down to South Carolina and buy a house in 3 days. The place that we are moving into is selling houses like hotcakes (literally). This past winter did older northerners in. So we actually had one day to find something that suited us in our price point (no more price range). We actually did do it and got a nice place that will meet our needs. It is nicely landscaped and is about half the size of our present abode. So, now we have to buy furniture that will fit in it.

We did buy a couple of pieces at a really nice place (not too pricey). It will be delivered a few days after we get there. Don’t worry; the bed is coming with our movers. We decided to lower the moving costs by packing up our Prius with the various pictures on the wall and drive down to Sun City in the middle of the month, leave the car there and fly back. All of this is necessary because of our 3 black pussycats. Did you know that black cats are the last to be adopted? Did you know that some folks kill black cats because they believe that they are unlucky? There is also Halloween, a horrible day for black cats.

Our travel down to Sun City with the three cats is going to be a ball. When a motel says that they are pet friendly, they don’t mean cats, just dogs. So we have to find a place on the way and a few days in a nearby motel near our new home. If you think that these are small problems, we’ll take you along to babysit the cats.


4 thoughts on “THE ART OF SCRAMMING

  1. One of the greatest friends I’ve ever had is moving on to the next chapter of his life. May it be filled with extreme joy and happiness.

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