The big burden of selling our house has been lifted from our shoulders. We did not get our price. We could look at the amount as a loss of a bunch of dough, but we did live here for nine years. That’s about as good a rationalization as I can conceive. Now what to do with the furniture that we have that we really don’t want to take down to our new home. Let’s put it on Craigslist and it will go in a day or two. That’s what you think.

How about no takers yet, but lots of reducing prices. Would you believe that no one has offered to buy my collection of Avon beer steins? We did give away our lazy boy and our everyday dishes to a young couple who are planning to get married. We gave it to them as a wedding gift. No idea how we are going to get rid of the other stuff.

As we get booze boxes from the liquor store and egg boxes (they have cutout handles) from the super market, we seem to be filling them up with books, and I mean lots of books. We finally had to stop and ask ourselves if we are really going to read Chaucer or Herman Wouk again. Will Asimov’s Foundation’s Edge really need to become part of our new home? Who knew that we had so many books and now so many decisions to make?

We really came across some old stuff; mostly Carol’s like Mickey Sees the USA, old bibles and story books. It is amazing what you can accumulate. Fortunately, we have a bookstore in town (the owner is the Mayor of Harrisburg) that takes used books and actually gives you money for them. Well, they don’t give you money for all of them, just those that they think that they can sell. However, they do take all of the other books.

So, are now schlepping books to the bookstore, sorting those we want, need or feel that we cannot part with. It has taken much of our time over the past three days. I can’t imagine how long it will take to decide what clothing to take down to a much warmer climate. What am I going to do with my Army raincoat, my two new winter coats, my various hats, tee shirts, et al?

I have already started to cull my files. Carol is doing the same thing. That, I find, is much easier. There are personal papers that I am going to keep and all of my work papers will be going into the trash, shredded or not. It is sad to see our scholarship material, but that day has been over for the past 6 years.

I am trying to decide whether or not to take my desk with me. There is something sacred about a desk. It has meaning way beyond its physical presence. It is the place that much of my life has centered around. I keep my most personal things from my work, my rolodex ( I am supposed to leave that to a reporter when I die), a great deal of my personal research, all of my passwords, business cards and letters from various people. I don’t think I will make that decision till later.

What will I do with my Dali’s Crucifixion painting, or my Abbot and Costello Who’s on First, or the painting of the old Brooklyn Dodgers, a portrait of my wife and other memorabilia? Just so we are clear, we do have furniture to get rid of. I am not using this blog as an advert, but it can’t hurt.


6 thoughts on “HOUSE SOLD, NOW WHAT?

  1. What are dimensions of the Dali? How much are you asking?

    It’s horrible sorting thru books, got rid of some but somehow managed to pack up 50 some boxes to move with me. Most still in boxes because I moved and hadda leave my two huge built-in bookcases behind. I had them built. Can’t leave books behind. Books are friends. And pictures…all are so personal so brought them all, too.

    • Katy,

      I guess I screwed up and gave the impression that I wanted to get rid of the Dali canvas (copy). That’s once those things that I really want to keep. Thanks for asking.


  2. It is sad – the end of an era. Cherished memories of some outstanding experiences and of course, friendships.

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