Haven’t used that word in many years. As a matter of fact, I don’t think that I have heard it in many years. It’s one of those words that have kind of gone out of style. It has been replaced with barbaric Anglo-Saxon cuss words that don’t really describe anything. I am using it now to describe the situation that Carol and I are in with our home.

In January, we decided to sell our home and move to a place called Sun City, South Carolina. You know South Carolina, too small to be a country and too big to be a mental hospital. People keep on asking us why we would want to move there, other than the weather.

The reason we are moving is the nexus for moving to S.C. Our friends have either died or have moved away from the area. Furthermore, the synagogue that we joined so enthusiastically 22 years ago is losing its members because of age and is now headed by a part time rabbi. Things are not as they once were for both of us.

In 1992, when we were contemplating moving to Harrisburg, on advice of our good friend Mark Widoff, since moved to Austin, Texas, we found a great realtor and friend, Pat McLenahan. He showed us about 60 houses and never lost patience. He became part of our family. When we decided to move to our current location, he helped us sell our house and helped us find a new one. He remained part of our family, even if we did not see him that often.

So, in January, we called his office and found out that he had died about one and one half years ago. We were devastated. That’s the kind of thing that blows you up and never really settles. We spoke to his wife and his secretary who recommended one of the people in Pat’s office. We signed the necessary papers in January.

We really did not expect to sell our house in the lousiest winter in many years. As things dragged out, it appeared that our realtor and Carol and I were not on the same page. We knew that was happening. Few people came to look at our home. Our friends, who moved to Sun City, actually sold their home on their own and are now ensconced in Sun City and having a ball. We also have other friends who have moved there and are having a ball.

Carol and I have no intention of just recreating. We have already made some contacts. Our nephew teaches at the University of South Carolina. We have already spoken to some people at the branch campus in Beaufort (a mile from Sun City) about doing some work there.

Here comes the problem. We started our listing of the home at $245,000, which was 15,000 dollars lower than what we paid for it in 2006. We understand that prices have come down. However, there is a limit on the down side of what we should charge. We need a certain amount of dough so that we can purchase a home down in Sun City. If the only way we can sell the house is to reduce it to some ridiculously low number, then we won’t be able to move at all.

We have accumulated a new realtor. She appears to be a go-getter. Her approach is very different either from Pat or our former realtor, who agreed to terminate our contract early. We are most anxious to see how the new person fares. Our home will appear on all of the appropriate site- Zillow, MLS, Realtor.com and others.

Our new realtor has given us strict instructions about how to present our home to those who might come to look. We are startled by her suggestions, but she has been in the business for 20 years and is very successful.

O.K., who is ready to buy?


2 thoughts on “QUAGMIRE

  1. You both know that we are not anxious to see you leave! We understand that there are very strong reasons for you to relocate and obviously it is a good decision for you. Technology facilitates timely and frequent communications, but friends there will be a huge void in Pennsylvania and in our hearts.

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