It’s been a year since the story of the Sons of Liberty concluded. My family is now back in our new home. Margaret has been back at her job. Jonathan has concluded his high school career and is taking a year off before he enters college. We are very proud of him for all of the help that he gave us during a trying period of time in our family’s life. He decided that he needed another year to mature before he left for the next four years. Sara is now a senior at the University of Seattle and is planning on going to law school. What a surprise! I thought that I was kind of done with college loans after she graduated.

Our lives are back to normal, or some semblance of normal. The investigation of the Sons of Liberty goes on and on. In many cases proving that members had done anything illegal was almost impossible. However, the materials that were found in Bill McIntosh’s home sounded a death knell for the organization. Somehow, McIntosh got wind of the Attorney General’s task force and the federal grand jury that was empaneled to determine the scope of the organizations activities.

McIntosh was found in his home in Framingham, Massachusetts dead from a self-inflicted gunshot. The end of his life did not seem to match what he had been planning. I thought that he might want a show trial to espouse his views. We were never going to hear anything from him, other than some papers that he had left behind. He also left behind a treasure trove of information about what was going on in each state. Although he did not list all of the activities, he listed all of the Masters in each state and a somewhat rambling report of the officials who were part of the plot.

I was not given that kind of information. However, Commander Waslewski, who was in the middle of the Pennsylvania investigation stopped by our house one evening to let me in on some things. I was shocked by what he told me. A number of members of the legislature, both parties, were part of the eventual plan to take over the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. In fact, the Lt. Governor, who resigned three months ago, was set to take over the top spot, when the current governor had an unfortunate accident.

I would never be the same again. The names that Waslewski gave me were folks that I had lobbied  on behalf of rural schools. I wonder what they were thinking when they spoke to me and other lobbyists. I guess I’ll never know. I get a call from the AG once in a while, just checking on my welfare and thanking me for uncovering the Pennsylvania part of the plot. I thank him and ask no more questions. Frankly, I don’t really want to know more.



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