The question now arose, what do we do with all of the information that we had gathered? Who could we trust that would actually believe us and not be a part of the Sons of Liberty? We had drawn a number of conclusions about membership in the Sons of Liberty. Without being too prejudiced, we have determined that the Sons of Liberty may be mostly comprised of men attached in some way to the families of the original Sons of Liberty. We would therefore, not be out of line to assume that all, or almost all of those involved now are men. That would eliminate 50% of the population.

Furthermore, from the scant information that we have gleaned from some research and some family names associated with the original Sons of Liberty, we could eliminate certain religious and ethnic groups. We then come up with a pretty carefully constructed group of those with ancestors that go back to the Revolutionary War Years and not those who have come to our welcoming shores after that. We understood that those were very broad generalizations to work with. We had to trust some people with what we have found out. We scanned a list of possible candidates for inclusion and came up with a clear choice- Grover Melbourne, the federal Attorney General.

Melbourne did not fall into the Sons of Liberty category and was known as a straight shooter with a clean bill of political health. Now came the question of how to reach him without going through a series of people who might be part of the conspiracy. Commander Waslewski thought that he might have direct access to the AG by dint of some federal programs that his organization had applied for and gotten. He actually met the AG once in Washington a number of years ago. He knew that the AG would not remember him, but might remember the program- a novel way of involving the community in policing various neighborhoods.

We, Jane, the Commander and I, agreed that would be, at least, a good effort.

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