As it turned out, Jane did a spectacular job in writing the article about the Sons of Liberty. Of course there were kooks out there who responded on twitter and Instagram that it was obviously a sexist organization. How can people even think like that? Here there is a threat to our country, and their first reaction is that it is a sexist organization. I guess that I will never understand people’s priorities.

The article went national on the AP. Morris Leach took the article and compressed it into six inches with a banner headline that said, “Secret Organization May Take over Country.” That was all that we needed. There was no more a just us that was fighting the enemy, it was now across the country. Within a day or two of the article, we visited the P.O. Box and saw over 20 letters there. We decided that of the twenty, two seemed to be what we were looking for. One even had an email that we might contact the person.

We did not get any reports of people watching the post office, either inside or outside. That was kind of disappointing, but we were going to have to be patient.

Commander Waslewski (he is really called Commissioner or Colonel), seemed to be pleased with our idea and told me so. He also believed that Jane Merchant’s article was well done. Since Morris Leach’s article was nationwide, he thought that maybe there would be interest on the part of the Attorney General’s office in Washington. That was soon to be.

One of the interesting pieces of information contained in the letter with the email, was that there was actually a head person in each state. They were called Masters. The Masters were the only people who knew anything about the founder(s) of the organization. No one knew where this central authority was. Contact throughout the organization was very personal and through a secret computer network that was set up before the internet was widespread. It was a closed network that worked outside the internet. I had actually set something up like that in the early 1980’s.

On the fourth day following the article, Commander Waslewski got word that there was suspicious activity going on at the P.O. Box. When his people picked up the mail, there were two men just kind of hanging around the post office kind of glancing around, trying to look inconspicuous. They appeared to stay in the post office, but when Waslewski’s men left, the two got into a car and remained there for quite a while. They eventually drove off.

However, the Commander’s men noticed a black SUV following them as they left the post office. The two men in it were not the same two. The commander’s men were smart enough to lead these people on a merry chase and when they could no longer see them, they doubled back and wound up behind the car that was following them. It eventually led to a house in the Germantown section of Philly. The two men got out and entered the house. They called in the address to Commander Waslewski and he called it in to one of his trusted subordinates in the local state police barracks in West Chester. The owner of the house was registered to a City Councilman in Philadelphia. The question was, “Is this one of the Masters?”

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