When I called Jane, she did not think it was such a good idea to come out in the newspaper with so little proof and let the Sons of Liberty that we were on to them. I told her that we did not have to fabricate anything. We could point to the murder of Sam Ellis, the attempted murder of Chet Wainright, the threat to Jane Merchant, and the “accidental” death of F.B. I. agent Eric Haakenson and so on. None of those things are exaggerations or untrue. It may be somewhat dangerous, but it would put things out there in public.

It might also occur to some people who have not been forthcoming about the Sons of Liberty to come forward to tell their own stories about Sons of Liberty activities. There might even be a member of the Sons of Liberty that would like to tell us more than we know now. Jane was warming to the task. She even said that there might be a chance that the AP might pick up the story because of the F.B.I. involvement and the chance that this might be a national problem. Our real problem might be if any of the higher ups at the two news organizations were members of the Sons of Liberty.

I left the phone call with Jane and turned to Commander Waslewski. He was concerned for my life as well as Jane’s and frankly his own. We tried to figure out how we might stay in the background. It even occurred to us that there might be members of the Sons of Liberty in the current administration. Who knows how high up this goes? Are we sure that we even know what the object of the organization is. During the revolution it was to overthrow the crown and kick the British off the soil of the thirteen colonies. Is it possible that these people are aiming to get rid of people, who in their view, don’t belong here? If that’s one of their aims, we are in for a bloody time in the near future.


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