There was nothing more that we could have done. Waslewski and I went back to our car and began to travel back on the turnpike towards Harrisburg. There was silence in the car for the first ten minutes. I did not expect that we would talk at all on the way back. However, along about Roosevelt Avenue, I could not hold it in any longer. “What in God’s name just happened back there?”

“There are a couple of things that we know for sure.” He said. “The first is that someone knew what was going on with Haakenson. There was someone listening, or Haakenson told someone or there was listening going on his cell phone or computer. Second, we now know that there are Sons of Liberty in the F. B. I. and we don’t know how far it goes. We are now both on the official hit list of that organization.” All of those things had occurred to me. I was now in the midst of a theatre of the absurd, where I was the only one in the cast who did not know what was going on. A few things for sure, my life was in danger, as was Waslewski’s and maybe some others. I could not believe that as long as this organization was around, someone did not get wind of it. There were a number of “accidents, “but there must have been someone who is still around. I guess when things get too close, like in Sam Ellis’ case; they simply do away with the person. They appear to have no compunctions about killing anyone in their way. In their way of what?

The rest of the drive was quiet and uneventful. Waslewski spoke in short bursts about whether there were Sons of Liberty in the state police, the legislature, and the administration. How far up did this go here in Pennsylvania? How far up did it go in the federal government? Are there any other people that we can trust, or are we the only two, along with Jane Merchant, who have any idea of the size of this, what will we call it, coup d’état?

In looking for allies, we spoke about the military. Could they be trusted, or are there people that we know who are absolutely above board? I was certain about Steve McElroy, and now I am almost sure that he is one of them. How can we spread the word that we are looking for people to help us? There was one way that I could think of. What if Jane wrote an article in the Harrisburg paper explaining the extent of the conspiracy and wonder if anyone else had heard of the Sons of Liberty? We could establish a P.O. Box, which would undoubtedly come under surveillance by our friends. That might be a way for us to identify the watchers and actually watch them and follow them. If Commander Waslewski had some plainclothes officers that he trusted implicitly, that might start us off.

The commander thought for a while and came up with a few names. A couple of them were actually relatives. The others were long time associates of Waslewski that he was positive  had no other interests in life other than police work. The plan was hatched. Now to contact Jane.



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