What did Eric mean by acting with impunity? Have there been a series of incidents across the country that has come to the FBI’s attention as being coordinated by one organization, or pseudo-organization? I asked Eric to explain. He asked if Commander Waslewski and I could meet him in a coffee shop in the Reading Market. We agreed to meet him there in 20 minutes. It would take us about that time to walk over. It actually took us a bit less than 20 minutes to get there. We were waiting for Eric to show up. He did not. We waited a full half hour before we decided that he was either held up by his job or he was never going to come.

As we walked out of the terminal, we saw a crowd of people standing beside an ambulance and a number of police cars.  The EMTs were lifting a gurney with a figure on it. The figure was not moving. Since the figure was completely covered, we surmised that the person had not survived. According to the people standing around, this person had been run over by a very large truck. The truck had not stayed around. The police were looking for it now.

It occurred to us at once that we best find out who the person was. Commander Waslewski walked over to one of the policemen standing near the ambulance and flashed his badge. He must have told the cop that he was working on a case and needed to know who the victim was. The policeman looked at him suspiciously, but told him. It was an FBI agent named Eric Haakenson.



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