I must say that I did things rather quickly. After speaking with Margaret and having her go onto some of the websites my realtor suggested, we both agreed on a temporary home that would accommodate our family. It was movinable in a few days. We had to sign a six month leasing agreement, which was o.k. by me. The question of buying a new house or building one on our old lot was something for another time in the near future.

I told Margaret to by everything that she needed in the way of clothes and that I would get everything we needed to live in the rented home. A day later, I was in the rented home with bags full of groceries and suchlike. I even had Comcast come and install a TV. box, computer lines and a landline telephone ( I am old fashioned). Since our family had used an offsite backup system, we did not lose any of our files on the computer. I called the company and had them transfer everything to a new computer that I purchased. It did not take long till I was up and running.

I sent an email to all of my contacts, my friends, and Margaret’s people. Jonathan and Sara had all of their contacts on their Iphones, so I did not have to recreate anything there. Had I known what was going to happen with the email that I sent to people, I would not have done it.

I purchased some clothing, big boy and casual. I had every intention of following up on some of my hunches. I was not sure that the police, state and local were going to get anywhere. I called Chief Banion and let him know where I was and what I needed from him, other than having police keep an eye on my new digs and my person. He could not, of course, have me followed, but he did have some plainclothesmen amble about so that I could see them from time to time.

Three weeks after Sam Ellis’ body was found in the Capitol, I returned to do my job representing school districts in the Commonwealth. I had always wanted to have an office in the building somewhere. Rico Petrocelli had a desk in the Speaker of the House’s office. I wanted one too. However, it was not in the Speaker’s office. At one time I did have access to the Chairman of the Senate Education Committee’s office, but he was killed in a car accident a few years back. I was delighted to find out that I was welcome in the office of the Chairman of the House Education Committee. I had supported a number of initiatives coming out of that office. I felt welcome there and used that office as my central headquarters. It is so nice to work with nice people. This office was overloaded with them.

I did manage to chat that day with the Executive Director of the House Education Committee, Sid Bartleby. Sid was a longtime political operative and had worked in his local community supporting candidates. He was also a very nice guy. I gave Sid the general parameters of what was going on and surprising to me was his reaction. “Chet, I have had a feeling for the past year that there is something going on in this building that many of us are not aware of. Before last year, when you needed an answer to something that related to legislation, you called your opposite number on the committee spoke with your own leadership, and you got an answer within a day, or even the same day. Now it takes days to get any kind of answer. It is as if, there is another layer of leadership that people now have to go to get yes or no answers. I have even gotten frustrated from time to time when I have not gotten any answers at all. It appears that we have been stonewalled for no reason. Further, if there is a reason, no one I have spoken to knows or does not want to tell.”

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