My reverie was ended by the ringing of Chief Banion’s cell phone. He answered and listen attentively, his face growing darker with each moment. He asked some questions that I did not quite catch. However, when he concluded his discussion, I was sure that I knew what the call was about. Sam Ellis had been found dead. It was only the method and the location of the body that now came to the forefront of my mind.

Banion looked at me and said, “You know what that was about. He was found in a usually unused space at the top of the Capitol rotunda. It appears, from the ligature marks on his neck, that he was strangled to death. Since we are not in charge of the investigation right now, Harrisburg police are, I don’t have any info about time of death or anything like that.

I guess that I was expecting something like this.  So many questions assaulted my brain. Now that the first inkling of what started off as a simple question of where Sam Ellis was, is now concluded. Some obvious facts now come into play. Where has he been for the last two days? Was his body in the Capitol all that time? Why did the people who did this allow the body to be found in such a public place? Is there a warning attached to Sam Ellis’ death?

I called Margaret and told her what had happened. She was quite perturbed as I explained. She was so worried that the people who were after me, would now set their sights on me. I had also thought about that. If I was a target before, am I not even more of a target now? I tried to calm Margaret down. She was not going to calm down until I told her that the township police chief was in the room with me.


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