I am not given to panic or histrionics. Chief Banion’s words threw me into an ever decreasing concentric circle that would have me eventually flying up my own rear end. How naïve could I be? If there was some sort of grand plot to do something and I was interfering in some way, why should I trust anyone? I am not given to questioning people’s credentials. But I guess that must be my new modus operandi.

Am I the only one who seems to be in the crosshairs? Why would that be? What did I do, other than look confused and ask a couple of questions? Is this such a serious thing that no one who asks a question can be allowed to live? There is so much more to this than I can imagine.

Chief Banion must have thought that I had some sort of petit mal seizure. He had left his chair and had grabbed my shoulders and was shaking me. I finally woke up and looked him in the eye. “Chief, you just told me that two men entered Steve McElroy’s house and asked me a number of questions. They were not police and had no connection to your department.” “That’s right Chet. What did they look like?” I described the two men and Chief Banion said that they did not sound like anyone that he knew.

It dawned on me that the two men who came to Steve’s home might have been the two men who attacked me in my house. It did not take Sherlock Holmes to figure out that they wanted to know what I knew about both the fire and Sam Ellis. I was hoping that my answers weren’t very satisfying and that they might leave me alone. On the other hand, I wanted them to be caught and locked up forever for what they did to me and my family.

My mind was racing. There was something that I knew that was dangerous to these men, their overlords, and some sort of nefarious activity that they had done or were planning to do. Somehow, Sam Ellis must have found out about it and they grabbed him. At that moment, I realized that Sam Ellis was probably dead. They could not have taken a chance that he would escape or would contact someone. I dropped my head and held it with my hands. Poor Sam, he only ever wanted to do the right things. His exposure to whatever was happening was probably unintended.

As I thought about Sam and his interests in life, I remembered that although he was not a “black helicopter” loony, but he was always suspicious of those who wanted to pour money into electing those who wanted to change our system of government. In this arena, he was more of a libertarian than a Republican or a Democrat.

I remember talking to him once about the division in our country between the ultra-conservative or tea party folks and the liberals. His view was that there was really no such thing, that it was only a way to foment anger in our country and there were people who were advantaged by it. I tried to remember the rest of the conversation, but it escaped me. My mind was so full of people trying to kill me and me trying to recreate my life, that my mind was clouded.

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