Steve picked me up about ten minutes later. I don’t remember too much after that, until I woke up in the emergency room with a bandage on my head. Steve told me that I had conked out almost immediately upon getting into the car. We arrived at the emergency ward at the hospital and had some of the orderlies put me on a gurney and wheel me into the emergency ward. The docs looked at me and decided that there was a large enough lump on the back of my head to do some x-rays and an MRI. Fortunately that did not find anything wrong. They said that I would be up soon.

Steve asked me if I remember how I got the bump. I told him about being attacked by at least two people upon descending the stairs in my house. He agreed that someone was trying to kill me and that I was lucky to have gotten out of the fiery house alive. I agreed with him. He suggested that I call the local police at once and he would help me get to someone in the governor’s office. There certainly would be connections there to get the state police on the case. There was also the mystery of Senator Ellis.

We arrived at Steve’s house 20 minutes later. His wife, Paula, met us at the door. She helped Steve get me situated on a living room couch. My head was still hurting. I am not sure that Paula was aware of what was happening. Steve gave her the short version. Paula had worked in the House of Representatives for many years. She had recently retired. Her connections were the equal of Steve’s. She also knew Sam Ellis as well as I did and was shocked to learn that he was missing.

Since Paula was a friend of Sam’s family, she had no problem calling the senator’s wife to ask her if there was any progress in his disappearance. There was none. There were only a few hours before he would legally be classified as missing. The police would then be obliged to swing into action. I had a feeling that they were already doing things. Sometimes having connections obviates the rules.



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