As I walked out of the Capitol into the grey frigid day, I was terribly confused about what was going on. I heard neither of the two people who told me about Senator Ellis’ disappearance mention the police. Maybe, I thought that it had to be 48 hours before the police would consider it a missing person case. However, this was a man with a bit more clout than the ordinary person. Why weren’t the Republicans making a stink about it? Why, when in other times, they had press conferences about trivial stuff, do they now not say anything to the press?

This whole thing, I thought, stinks to high heaven. I could not imagine a situation where a well-known legislator disappears and no one is looking for him, except for his family. Isn’t there some sort of rule that a legislator’s disappearance would be handled by the state police, or even the FBI. Maybe that’s too much to ask for.

I got home, shed my big boy clothe, put on my regular person clothes and sat down to talk with my wife. She has always been my best sounding board, followed by my children. I laid out my scenario of the Senator’s disappearance and asked Margaret, my wife of many years, what she thought. She frowned and wrinkled her forehead. I never even thought of what she said. She asked me if maybe all of this hush hush stuff was because certain people did not want to have him found.

You could have knocked me over with a feather. I guess I have no understanding of how that would even happen. What enemy of Sam Ellis would dare to do such a thing? Furthermore, is it possible that someone kidnapped Sam; and for what reason? I have got to check on any bills that he might have sponsored or associated with. Sometimes one of the leaders who does not want his/her name on the bill finds a willing substitute and helps get one of his/her bills through the senate. All of this was blowing my mind. I had a long afternoon and night, trying to figure out what may have stimulated Sam’s disappearance. Why we did not even know officially that he was missing. What the heck was I doing playing gumshoe? I am just a penny ante lobbyist for an organization that does not have any dough to give to any candidate for public office. I must be crazy.



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