Yup, spent the New Year’s festivities in Las Vegas. I cannot tell what a joy it is that my great friend Bill gets comped wherever there is a casino that he has a relationship with. Had a great time, and came back to hell and bad weather. The election of a Democratic Guv and a totally Republican House and Senate will be a challenge for everyone. Not only does the Commonwealth have a 2 billion dollar deficit, but the pension problem has not even begun to be solved. Strange, though, that the deficit has declined by 5 billion bucks because of the stock market improvement. (That’s five out of 40 billion).

On both the state and national level, we have the same scene- the executive branch is controlled by one party and the legislature by the other. Since we accomplished nothing here in PA with one party controlling both branches, what can we expect from the present situation?

I must say that my ardor is cooling for my role as advocate. Fortunately, the organization that I work for is transitioning to someone to replace me in June. Even more interesting, is that we have put our house up for sale. We will not move until it is sold, although I would like to retreat from the dark days and cold temperatures. Yes, I am getting lazy. I expect that wherever I go, I will get myself involved in the fight for better schools for the kids. I will never stop that. We really need for the next few generations to take hold and improve our country.



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