I am not sure that we planned it this way, but that’s the way it turned out. Since we could not go on our 8,000 mile journey in September, we left Harrisburg on November 16th and headed south. Our first stop was in Monticello. Our next stop was Roanoke to see our eldest grandson at Roanoke College. We took Mr. Cameron and his friend Alex to dinner. We were shocked when our grandson told us that he was paying the bill. Cameron is a very generous kind of guy and we were happy to see him be delighted with the change of roles.

We then headed down to Sun City, South Carolina. Our friends, Hed and Sam were gracious enough to invite us down for a few days. We were there for four days. They wined and dined us, took us for some sightseeing and Sam took me golfing. Hed prepared meals for us. She is a wonderful cook. She even had gluten free things for me to eat. We could not have had a greater time. We were sorry to leave.

Hed and Sam had just gotten a new dog and he was a delight. He is nine years old and is certainly a rescue. He is well trained and enjoys having company. Sam and Hed(wig) would love for us to come down and live in Sun City. We even had additional friends who are going to move there. It certainly is tempting.

We then left Sun City and traveled to Tyrone, Georgia to visit Marshall and Charlotte. They are also transplanted Harrisburgers. They actually lived on a small farm near Carlisle, PA with horses and other animals. Char is a dog groomer and Marshall is a financial consultant ( a real one). They purchased a house her in Tyrone for a great price (in comparison to Harrisburg) and are quite happy living in the South.

They are entranced by the kindness of neighbors and the thoughtfulness of the people. They have wined and dined us, entertained us and have looked after all of our needs. They even drove me to a supermarket to see if they have “real” tangerines. I have not found these things in any store in the country that I have tried. Yes, there are things called tangerines, but they do not have any of the characteristics of real tangerines. You old folks out there, try to find them for me- easily pulled off skin and a real sweet taste. Yes they have pits. If you do find them let me know.

We will be on our way to Montgomery Alabama tomorrow to sample their wares. There a bunch of places that accommodate tourists and we certainly are them. The next day we will be off to Orleans and Emeril’s and K-Paul Proudhomme and Bourbon Street. We can’t wait.

We have further mooching after New Orleans when we go visit my brother in Boone, North Carolina. Hopefully, the snow will be gone by then.


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