I am entranced with certain people who say, I went to school, I can tell them how to improve education. Just get rid of the rotten teachers, fire all of those extra administrators, just teach the kids how to read and do math. Get rid of all those frills like sports and other extracurricular activities, and who needs all of those furrin’ languages. By the way, those teachers only teach a few hours a day and they get all of their summers off. Why are they being paid all of that money? Billions and billions of dollars of our money is being spent and they can’t turn out kids who can make change at McDonalds.

Yup, I can now do my heart and knee surgery. Why do we have to have these high priced special doctors to do those things? Do we really need a guy to take my blood, another to put a mask over my face? How many nurses do we really have to have in the operating room? Seems to me that there is excess equipment there. All of those new computers. Who needs them? There are enough people there to write things down. Have you seen all of these residents and interns hanging around? Why must we have more than one doctor and why can’t one doctor specialize in more than one thing. It’s all a waste.

Does the doctor thing sound foolish to you? I know you would not want to go into the operating theater and replace one of the doctors. I can assure you, that being a teacher, a good teacher (like a good doctor) is equally difficult. How would you begin to handle a group of kindergartners? How about 30 kids in a class in a middle school 8th grade class, or a senior high class with 35 kids in a sophomore English class with kids who are just ready to drop out. I can tell you from personal experience; it took quite a bit of time to become someone who can handle those situations. If you believe that you just walk in and lecture to these students, you are so wrong.



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