The world is going around too fast for me. One day the Dallas Cowboys have no chance of doing anything and the next day they are going to win the Super Bowl. One day Benghazi is going to destroy the political power of Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama and now, it is in tiny letters on the internet sites, if it is there at all. Yes, and where are the 50,000 children who were going to infect us with diseases and take up all our resources to take care of them? What happened to those kids? What happened to the Ukraine, Russia and Crimea? What is happening with Bashir Assad? How about Israel and the rockets from Gaza and the invasion of that piece of land? Is anyone really watching these stories?

If you are even a casual visitor to news stories, you must be blithered by the rapid change in what is important in the world. Have you ever watched BBC. They have such a different take on things around the world, including us. They are straightforward, cover things in places that our news never does and are articulate about what’s really important. No, I don’t want us to become a member of the British Commonwealth. I really want to know what happens next. Stop all of the jumping around and the hysteria about certain subjects. Right now we are ready to crawl into our underground bunkers because of EBOLA. The stories are myriad. We should stop all of those people coming here from west Africa. We should quarantine everyone that has any kind of relationship with anyone who has come in contact with ebolaized people. Even zombie movies are being reissued to augment the screams from the newscasters.

We now have semi-articulate doctors from CDC and experts on diseases talking to us about how we should be afraid and then not afraid. Meanwhile, stories about school shootings, President Obama’s lack of a birth certificate (via Donald Trump) are moved to the back of the bus or are thrown into the street. What happened to the mid-term elections? Will they be the next EBOLA? If any of the political parties get control of a house that they did not have before, will that be the big story?


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