I am not a person who issues disclaimers very often. I am going to do it this time because I am way out on a limb with absolutely no skill in the area that I am talking about. As Lewis Black says, “If economics was so important, why did they schedule it at 8:00 a.m.” That is a very fair question. I took most of my econ. and accounting courses at either 8:00 a,m. or 3:00 p.m. I guess that was because my professors were all working stiffs and did their own work between those hours. Later on I found out that one of the profs was best friends with my future father-in-law, also a CPA.

I have noticed over the past decade or so, that there is a race by large organizations, both private and public to “downsize.” There is a pride to these actions. Let’s see how many people we can let go so that we can increase our “bottom line.” The term “efficient” has come into view as the euphemism for cutting staff at all levels. As top management salary and bonuses seem to expand, lower ranking hoi polio seems to be fewer and fewer.

Is it all because we are now an international economy and whatever happens overseas affects our bottom line and therefore we need to be as efficient as possible? Maybe we are automating at such an extent that people are not really necessary to provide service or to manufacture physical items? Is there any proof that firing lots of people increases sales? Seems to me that increasing sales is a function of advertising or salespeople. The technological advances don’t seem to be able to run themselves or change direction at a moment’s notice. I believe that people are somehow involved in these actions.

I have heard recently that there are many jobs going begging because we have not been able to produce workers who are able to think creatively or do math or read properly. Where have these jobs been advertised? One company that I know of says that they have had as many as 150 openings for “engineers” and can seem to find no one available in this country or state. Therefore it is incumbent upon them to go overseas to hire people and bring them here. Funny that the salaries paid these “engineer” is much lower than what is paid in equivalent jobs across the country.

There is also the great devil in our economy. It is called “The Union.” It is unions that are the bane of our existence, the reason why manufacturing has dropped off the edge of the earth. Those avaricious unions who have bankrupted the car industry, the education system and a host of other companies. If it weren’t for those unions, we could be leading the world in mostly everything.

Strange that at a time when 35% of the workforce was unionized, our economy was booming. Now that the unions are 7% of the workers, they are blamed for almost everything including the deterioration of our country. So, let’s get rid of the right to unionize, or show that states with right to work laws are doing better than union allowing states.

All of that stuff above is a bunch of bull. Even a novice in economics, like me, can see through these specious arguments. Of course, I will now be accused of starting something like a class war, where the lower classes in cahoots with the government form a bond to get rid of the Kulaks. By the way, where is the middle class?


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