Whether in cartoons, movies, TV. or Alley Oop, the portrayal of the cave man holding a club hitting his partner on the head is a well-established picture in many minds. “Me Tarzan, you Jane (pretty much a nothing in his jungle addled mind). The image of conking women on the bean has been a staple in human activity for a time; longer than I have been on this earth.

So is it any wonder that a video clip from the elevator in a casino in Atlantic City of Ray Rice pulling his cold cocked girlfriend across the threshold is not anathema to many men and evidently quite a number of women. This past Thursday night a bunch of women (and men) were wearing Ray Rice numbered shirts to applaud Ray Rice for something or other. Even in interviews these women told reporters that a man has the right to punch out his girlfriend if she hits him first. Let’s see a tall thin woman with no martial arts skills versus a professional athlete with muscles on his muscles- a man who runs through 300 pound defensive linemen. This certainly sounds fair to me.

Think of it. With one shot (or maybe two) he knocked her out cold. Maybe he needs to quit football and go into boxing. I am not one who thinks that Roger Godell acted improperly. He certainly lied enough to make himself look better after his two game suspension gambit. He was protecting himself, his job, his league and his owners. By the way, many of the owners are probably in tune with Ray Rice. Donald Sterling certainly comes to mind as do some others. So, who is going to fire him?

Domestic violence has been going on for a long time. If you have a chance to check some of your local and national statistics, you will see some startling numbers. Not only are there many cases of men beating up on women, but if there is a gun in the house, some women actually die in the process. What the heck is the reason for any of these happenings?

I would not be surprised if this has been going on for a long time. Since statistics on domestic violence are pretty recent, we really can’t tell what went on, “in the day.” I can only surmise that, with so many other things, it was hidden from public view. If you want to see some modern equivalents, trundle over to the Middle East and listen to descriptions of “honor killings,” restrictions on women that defy imagination. In Africa, there are genital mutilations and treating women as chattel.

Think we have come so far, how about the guy who kept those women in his basement for ten years. These are all manifestations of something larger in society. If women are not kept in their place, the world will come to an end. There is a latent fear that once women are not subservient, the existence of society is put into jeopardy. Ever wonder why when there is a home school situation in a home where both parents are of equal education and experience, that it is the woman who stays home to educate the children. Try that one out on your friends and listen to the cries of, “That’s not the reason. “ Yeah, right.

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