Just recently, a friend of mine posted a picture of President Reagan with the words that said he was a real leader. There were many responses, mostly negative about our former president and our current president. I could not hold back my feelings about the hatred that is sometimes spewed by some people.

We are still a representative democracy. As much as you might hate the present president, or the one before, or the one before that, ad infinitum, they were and are OUR president. Sure it’s fine to criticize the president for his perceived errors, but he is still OUR president. Even when Richard Nixon was going through his tragedies, he was till OUR president.

I may not agree with OUR president on many issues, but this is still the greatest country in the world. I would have it no other way. I will never threaten to leave or not follow the law (even if I don’t agree with it). I will go to court, as I have done in the past, and spend ten years of my life fighting against a particular law with which I disagreed. I still obey that law today, even though I know it is wrong and hurts many people.

This is OUR country and I will continue to see any person who becomes president as OUR president. Hope your next post has as many reactions to it as this one did and it was really only a picture. Maybe you could post Rush Limbaugh or Jon Stewart on your next effort.



  1. Yes. I recall how difficult it was to accept GW Bush as president when he “defeated” Al Gore. I felt Bush had not been elected, but appointed; however, I accepted him as president and wished him the best.

    When President Obama was elected I felt really proud to be an American. The way some Americans have treated our president is a disgrace.

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