Independence Day brings out the best and the worst of us. Those who are well versed in the rules associated with flags are at a premium. Why, you can find them walking your streets and telling you how to display your flag, when to take it down and when to put it up. They even question you if you don’t have a flag in evidence. At the worst they are nudnicks. At best, they remind us why we should make this day special.
I am sure that you know all about the people who signed the Declaration of Independence. Most of them died penniless, or died prematurely. They took a great chance signing their names. It could have meant death if they were caught. The actual declaration was something that we had never seen in our world. These were a group of men who did something that no one had ever done before. Their complaints to their King all went unheeded. Yes, it was THEIR king. When there were no positive responses, these men and others began to disassociate themselves from their mother county.
We are now so familiar with revolutions around the globe, that we forget we were the template for most other countries. The Declaration of Independence has been copied by more than just a few rebels. Yes, those men were rebels. They had no template to look at when they started and had no idea how anything would come out. They were special people that we shall never see again at one time.
When we talk about the founding fathers and mothers, we try to understand what they were like and how they came to these conclusions. The people who are trying to emulate these folks have no real idea what has come from their efforts. Those who complain about the way things are, have no idea what our forefathers and mothers went through.
As we see our citizens complain about everything from the color of money, to black helicopters who are trying to subdue us, we cannot imagine that there are redcoats in our town with orders to shoot us down if we do not do what they want. Let’s get our heads on straight and understand what patriotism really is. It is not the right to complain, wear flags on our jackets, as tee shirts, bandanas or ties. It is a feeling that someone gave us the kind of freedom that we have to today to say and do the things we want.
Being patriotic is not showing our country’s flag, or certainly not the stars and bars. If you have any doubt about our freedoms, go to some other place or country and see what you are missing. Come on back and lets be really patriotic.


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