I just sat down to read one of the five books that I have in front of me to read. I have chosen a mind flush book in the latest of the Jason Bourne series. It is now being written by Eric Van Lustbader. I often wonder how that works. The original author Robert Ludlum in this case, abdicates his control over his characters to another person. Isn’t that like giving your child away for a sum of money?
As I turn the pages to see what happens next, I suddenly find that my eyes are at half-mast. I struggle to keep my eyes on the pages, but don’t succeed. It is at that moment that John contacts me. This is the first time that he has ever contacted me directly. As often as I have been in his company, I have never had any communication from him. It all appears that I am directing things for him. Now he somehow has changed that paradigm.
In my thoughts I hear him say that he is not satisfied with just trawling from sport to sport and setting records. He says that he needs to be doing something more of value. His world, he says, is circumscribed by my desires and my need to be a consummate athlete. I do not answer him. He is, of course, perfectly correct. John is my avatar and not a being with any kind of volition. He continues to speak in a soft and comforting voice advising me to change the scenario.
John leaves the comfort of my mind and strikes out in a new direction.


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