This coming Tuesday, our oldest grandchild, Mr. Cameron, graduates from high school. It seems like such a short time ago when I held him in my arms, this small gurgling thing. When he smiled, I had a sense of sheer accomplishment. Somehow, he was doing it for me. It might have been a gaseous smile, or an undigested piece of potato (from Christmas Carol), but he did it for me.

Now, well over six feet tall and very broad, he can probably carry me in his arms. There is something about Cameron that we will never know. Not one thing in particular, but things that he thinks about, but never says. He is quite articulate, a good story teller, and when he laughs, his whole face lights up. Sometimes he is pensive and really doesn’t want to say much. I believe that there are lots of mature thoughts behind that boyish grin that will make them known in the future.

Cameron is very particular about his friends, both male and female. First and foremost, it appears that they need to have a specific sense of humor. He is an inveterate story teller. When the one dimple forms on that side of the face, you know that you are in for a spell of laughter. Somehow, he knows how to get you to laugh.

He has really never asked us for specific gifts for birthdays, or even his bar mitzvah. You may not know that there is a long held tradition of giving the bar mitzvah boy a fountain pen when they were around. It wound up as a constant joke about the bar mitzvah boy beginning his speech with, “Today I am a fountain pen.” I asked Cameron to say it in synagogue when he made his concluding remarks. He did say it and ascribed it to me, even when he did not know what it meant. Not sure there were more than 4 or 5 people in the congregation who knew what it meant.

Cameron is great with adults. He has no problem engaging in discussion with people significantly older than himself. It is truly an advantage in his present job- working in the tuxedo section of Men’s Warehouse. It is hard for me to believe that he is doing that. That all goes along with him growing up behind my back. The college that he is going to will be advantaged by the presence of Mr. Cameron. He is one singular person. Indeed!!!


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