WHAT ARE 75 YEAR OLDS INTERESTED IN ?

Yup, I do know that you really shouldn’t end a sentence with the word “in.” In some grammarian’s notebook, it is a venal sin. In my notebook, it’s  “I can’t help it.” It struck me that there are a plethora of commonalities in interests as we hit the seventies. I come across them in spoken and written word, television and all social media that presents itself to people of that age. We just can’t help talking about it.

The first thing is usually physical health. That pretty much takes up the entire conversation when two or more seventy year olds are together. The worst thing is to be sitting in a car with three other seventies and roiling over the cost of medication, the kind of mediation, the miligramage, the doctor who prescribed them and their side effects. Either your feel much better about yourself after these conversations, or you are sure that you are close to death.

There is the ever present cost of things back then compared to current costs. It usually starts off with the price of gas. “I remember when gas was 25 cents a gallon.” From there it is a fight to the death to see who wins the lowest gas price war. I usually try and keep my mouth shut until the very end, when I intone, “Why I remember when they gave YOU money for getting their gas. Further they would also give you prizes like knife sets and crockery.” That pretty much ends that part of the conversation.

The next item is usually the price of a quart of milk, you know that old bottles of milk with cream at the top and wasn’t it lovely to get it delivered to your door. “Did you have an ice box or a refrigerator?” Someone usually cries out. Ah the great memories of old.

The inevitable conclusion to these discussions can be either a withering criticism of today’s politicians or a maudlin display of super love of one’s grandchildren. If all of our grandchildren are so beautiful and smart, where to the ugly dopey kids come from. Must not be from this side of the world.

Many political discussions are cleaved. You have those who thought that Ike was the greatest president and those who decry Nixon and are remorseful about Kennedy. I try very hard not to get into any of those wars. I need to keep my seventy friends even though I might not agree with them.


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