Those of you in climates that don’t change all year will not understand the need to see snow disappearing and buds showing their little faces through the ground. Somehow, even though there may still be some frosty weather, you can hear spring call you through the clouds in the sky. No one can stop the oncoming season when it begins to stay lighter as the day wears on.

Moving the clock ahead makes it even more apparent that we are entering a new phase of our weather. You can see in the general warming temperatures a hope that we might shed just one layer of clothing and see a lessening of our electric, oil or gas bill. One might even approach spring and Summer wardrobes and look at them longingly while sneaking out a lighter pair of pants or a skirt.

My job becomes so much simpler. I have no fear of going to the super market to buy our food needs. My adventures in the Capitol are so much easier when I don’t have to worry about slipping on the Capitol steps or walking through slush.

There is a somber visage painted on everyone’s face during the depths of winter. As days get just a bit warmer, those frowns lessen and the cracks that surround the eyes and mouth soften to present a more realistic picture.

Even our cats appear to be jollier. When our 14 year old cat actually jumps up to the top level of a 3 level bunk bed, I know that the weather is changing. The change in weather also seems to present itself with a number of For Sale signs in the neighborhood. I see cars stop to read the signs, take a flier, and sometimes get out taking a look at the property.

This is not to say that everything is going smoothly. There may yet be a storm coming, or some dastardly cold snap with a strange name. I am not going to be sad about that. The weather must have its way and then it will go away. Goodbye winter. It’s nice to have known you. If you have to, I will see you after the fall.

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