For those of you in the rest of the country, other than the drought areas in California, you might not understand, or be cognizant of the massive amounts of snow that we in the Northeast have beheld. Not only does the snow come down in buckets, but the temperatures are mostly in single digits or below with the wind doing its part to encourage me to wear long winter underwear.

For some of the time Carol and I have been barricaded in our home with our three pussycats. The cats do not seem to mind all of the bad weather outside. They are just happy to have us around to feed them, pat them and clean up after them, if they happen to barf. That’s mostly what they do, when we are around. They are now banned from our bedroom because of my seeming allergies.

In our little condo, about 20 units, we have budgeted a certain amount of snow for removal. We are now so over budget that we can’t see what lies ahead for us moneywise. Our association is very frugal, but it cannot be frugal enough not to let us out of our streets. For most of our inhabitants, going to work is a necessity. So we call our snow removal crew and they come when they can and do their job.

When we get up in the morning, we causally put our fingers into the blinds to so how high things have piled up during the night. We also look at the thermometer carefully placed between the 7th and 8th blind. If it looks like it is a single digit, we turn on the TV. to see about school closings. Since that used to be my job, I thank heavens that I don’t have to get up at three in the morning to ride the roads. That is a job for a much younger person.

If it turns out to be a normal kind of day, we do our ablutions and go to the various meetings or jobs that we have accumulated. Carol is a volunteer at the state museum and is now and expert on the history of anthracite. Please don’t ask her how that happened. She is now osmosing into farm animals. She deals with little children, reads them stories if they are preschool.

I, on the other hand, go into the capitol or attend meetings of educational organizations to see how we can affect the governor’s new budget proposal. This next week, I will be visiting a newspaper to meet with their editorial board (with other heads of organizations), to explain or positions on various educational matters. I notice that the heads of these organizations seem to be getting older. I am now not offended when a 35 year old woman calls me grandpa.

There are also nighttime events. This past week we were on the Pennsylvania Cable Network, blathering on about school funding and fielding questions from phone calls. Some of the phone calls are interesting. Some are just silly. I am not sure what I know about the Fish and Game Commission, but someone did ask it of us.

This next week will see more snow, and I am growing weary of staying in bed too long.

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