Hooray! The weather people in our area were totally correct. Last night most of the school districts in our area called school off in anticipation of the coming snow storm. When I got up this morning to go to a meeting in the state capitol, it had already snowed a couple of inches. The now would continue until the evening and lay down about 6 inches in all.

The temperature was in the 20’s and the evening brought a chill to the roads creating ice and slippery ruts. As I was driving in this morning, I was tooling at about 25 miles per hour. It might even have been a bit too fast for the conditions. The traffic up ahead was about 20 car lengths from my vehicle. However the parsnip behind me was about 5 feet from my tail lights.

At each light, I pumped my brakes careful to that I would not slip. The slush was really robust on Linglestown Rd. Almost all of the traffic was going slowly and carefully, other than the rotten tomato behind me. I do have a rather bad temper. It has been modified by my wife, but deep down it comes out when putzes are on the road taking no care to drive carefully.

When I came to a stop, Mr. Jerkwater, closed to a distance so close to my rear end that I could not see his/her lights, not most of the front to the car. Yes, I was tempted to get out of my van and offer some driving lessons to this pumpkin head. I restrained myself and hoped that he/she would turn off before I reached Front St. That would have been the longest part of my drive. If my follower was going towards Harrisburg, he might have been behind me all the way to my destination. Fortunately, he turned the other way when we reached the T.

Somehow, snow and ice bring out the worst in some drivers. Their priorities are to get to where they are going in the shortest possible time, exclusive of the weather conditions. Yes, I do believe that they have some sort of death wish. I don’t believe that they think of anyone else on the road. Not that they are inherently bad people, just unaware of their surroundings.

Actually, there are more people out there like that in the world. If you are walking in a crowed place, see how many people will help you go in your direction and move to the side just to let you through. Then there are those who have no sense of place and will not even be cognizant of your presence. I often wonder what place that sort of thing is on the genome.

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