“Space – – – – the Final Frontier.
These are the voyages of the starship, Enterprise.
Its five-year mission: to explore strange, new worlds, to seek out new life and new civilizations, to boldly go where no man has gone before.”

It’s the end of the old year and the beginning of the new one. Somehow, this year reminds me of the introduction to Star Trek. I have no idea what I am going to do this next year and with whom I’m going to do it. Yes, there is the old crew, including my wife, and my remaining friends. However, I have this feeling that this is going to be an extraordinarily different year than those in the past.

My primary professional goal is to get the legislature to look at a different way of funding schools. My secondary priority is to stop any expansion of an already corrupt charter school system. I believe that I have started on a project that could lead me away from many of things, or right to the center of them both. I am involved in the creation of a rural caucus in the lower house of the legislature.

It has been a long ways in coming. There used to be one, headed up by two friends of mine. It fell into the hands of the do-nothings, who felt more of an allegiance to the leadership of their party, rather than to their own constituents.

This is also a gubernatorial year. There are already 8 Democratic candidates, with the possibility of more to come. I have to jump on one of the bandwagons soon, or fall behind with no influence whatsoever. This is a tough time for our Pennsylvania Association of Rural and Small Schools (PARSS). Money is at a premium in many of our rural districts and shelling out money for membership becomes a problem. We will certainly survive, but we will scratch for every dollar.

Our personal lives will see us reduce the number of excursions we make. We have a week in Puerto Rico and a couple of weeks in Puerto Vallarta. Much more than that, I am not sure. Somehow, I have a feeling that we will get into our Navy Blue Van Staff Car and take off unannounced for parts unknown in the U.S.

Our eldest grandchild will be going on to college  (not sure where yet) and that will be a strange new world for us. We have always had access to all of our grandchildren. Now it will be different. Our time together will grow shorter as they all get older.

I have this feeling that our lives will be full of surprises. I am kind of looking forward to it. I am even looking forward to the third season of Benedict Cumberbatch’s Sherlock Holmes.



  1. I thoroughly enjoy your blog and I look forward to reading and sharing much of what you communicate. Have a very Happy New Year with your dreams for the new year being fulfilled.

    Ed Vollbrecht

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