Have you ever wondered about people who make a living telling people (students mostly) that it isn’t necessary to everyone to go to college. It is amazing that all of them that I have ever heard making this pronouncement have gone to college. When you ask them if their kids have gone to college, they invariably tell you yes. So what is the gambit here?

I heard it again this morning from a CEO of a successful company who would like to be able to hire some fine craftsmen to populate his manufacturing establishment. I am not sure how many times I have heard the same thing. I can’t seem to be able to find workers who can do the job and also pass the drug and alcohol testing.

In larger companies, these are words used to rationalize hiring workers from other countries or actually doing the manufacturing in foreign places. It’s a really good excuse for not hiring people from the community or the city that their company is located.

Funny, these cries for more accomplished workers and the standard, “You don’t have to go to college are usually addressed to students in poor rural and inner city places. I have yet to hear these Plantagenet’s of poppycock make their presentations in wealthy communities. Come on, should Lower Merion, Loudon County, Montgomery County, Cold Stream Harbor. Beverly Hills and the like hear these pleas, would they then begin to thin the herd and not send 97% of their students to four year colleges.

The colleges themselves know the “good schools,” Carol and I have spent a good portion of our lives telling admissions folks that there are just as many smart kids ( percentage wise) in poor rural areas as there are “smart” kids in suburban schools.

There is almost a rampant discrimination based on your zip code. I know that you have heard that before. Have you ever heard that advertisers actually send ads to differing zip codes?  Check that out sometime. The ads that we get in suburban Harrisburg are vastly different than those we got in Clarion, PA. It is that way with the Don’t Go to College crowd.

Since we ran scholarship programs for ten years in poor and rural places in New York, Pennsylvania and West Virginia, we have heard this cry in almost all of the schools we worked with. As a matter of course, some staff in the schools uttered these words.

I once told the H.R. person from a very large corporation that needed engineers by the boatload that they should go to the Penn State day for engineers and see how many that one school produces. If you need those students who are math oriented, visit Mansfield University sometime and see how many quality students they produce each year.

Yes, there are youngsters who should not go to college. I’ll be darned if I know how to identify them. My wife was told by her guidance counselor that she should never try to go to college, that she would not make it. Carol has a master’s degree and has run her own company for 28 years. Yup, keep on telling people not to go to college. It’s probably how you make your living.



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