I don’t believe that I have Sundowner’s disease. The scene outside our window looks like the background of some Edgar Allan Poe story or one of those slasher movies that I very rarely like to see. As the day wears on, I become even more aware of the outside circumstance as I watch two football teams from Pennsylvania play in driving snowstorms and sleet. I am not sure how these guys actually play.

How can they hold onto the ball, throw it and run down the field. I feel like a paraplegic just looking out my window in hopes that someone else will shovel my driveway. Yes, that does happen some time with my neighbor Dr. Andy. He sees me as kind of an old codger for whom he has to keep an eye out. All the while, I am embarrassed by his helping me, even as I let him do it. The only thing that I can do to repay him is to have Carol bake Andy and his wife some delectable morsel.

As the lights dim in the sky and the world is lit with a happy combination of incandescent, fluorescent and LED glows, I am happy to be inside where it is warm and toasty. Strange things come into my head. I actually wish that I could go into my bureau drawer and drag out a pair of pajamas, brush my teeth and other before bed chores and crawl under the covers. I am not really sleepy, but I am sure that as soon as my head hits the pillow, I will see sugar plum fairies dance in my brain.

I am not allowed to go to sleep so early in the day, even though my daughter-in-law’s dad takes an hour nap each day. He became used to that when he visited relatives in the old country when he was a kid. It has stayed with him ever since. I am not built that way. I love to stay in bed late and go to sleep late, trying not to miss anything important that is going on in the world.

I cap off the dreary day with the news. The most interesting thing to me is the school closings or delays. As a former school superintendent, I used to ride the roads at three in the morning to determine what I would do about closings and late starts. I admire those who do it. Most time 50% of the people dislike what you did. The kids, of course, love it when you call it off or delay it. I am happy that I am not in charge of that anymore. Did you hear that Jim Gilmanton (former colleague who used to call me at 4 in the morning to get my decision)?


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